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My daughter, 22, had microdisectomy to remove a large piece of herniated disk from L-5 2 weeks ago today (12/6). Immediately after the surgery, her sciatica pain was gone and she was able to walk without a limp.

Six days after surgery she stopped taking the pain meds for the incision pain. That night she was awakened by severe muscle cramps in her arms and legs. They lasted for 2 hours before the Flexeril and Oxycodone put her to sleep.

This has happened every day (6) but one since then - usually after she has fallen asleep. Sometimes the spasms (cramps) come in both legs nd arms; sometimes in one or another.

Preceding the surgery, when her sciatica was very bad, she experienced this on two separate occasions.

This only seems to occur when she is lying down resting (twice) and again between 12:30-2:30 a.m.

The surgeon said that he had to move the nerve around more than he wanted to in order to get all the disc pieces out; he was pleased that she reported no numbness in her legs or feet.

Is it possible that this is a nerve-related (irritation, etc.) phenomenon?


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