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Hi everybody,i just wanted to tell you all not to give up hope,i was also feeling really depressed because of back pain and never thought i would stand up straight again,well guess what i was wrong,it took a year this time to get back on my feet,i have had this problem for years,if i move the wrong way twist or turn my body frame gets messed up more so the left side,this episode i just didnt feel i could work through it again you know how physically exhausting it is,i was ready to jump,but i have a husband and 2 kids and i know it would be devastating to them,i want to give you hope my dr gave me prednosone and it made all the difference the inflammation in my upper back subsided and i could breathe again,i felt like a 90 year old,now ive learned i cant lift heavy stuff,the exercise i will do now is walk ,and body mechanics is key,please dont give up your family needs you and it can turn around just when you dont expect it,depression and back disorders go hand and hand,its not your fault,nobody would ask for this kind of pain,though i have to wander if emotions play a part in it,it seems like we all have emotional crisises also.i hope you begin to feel better and this place is great just to vent.hope you all feel better. marywoo

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