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Re: Spasms
Dec 24, 2008
its not normal for someone who was that age and the age you are now to just "have" back spasms without a good reason. 'something' is firing these off in your back in some way that needs to be identified and possibily treated. i really doubt just sleeping on your stomach would cause that type of reaction,it would just take more,you know what i mean?

have you discussed this with your primary doc at all? at this point getting an MRI done on your spine wouldn't be a bad idea. since this was going on since your teen years,something may be wrong in the spinal area that you could have even been born with. a congenital type of defect? this is what occured with me but it wasn't found til i was around age 40 and needed an MRI to figure out how bad my herniated disc was in my c spine. this little glob just showed up inside my cord. you just really have no idea what is actually going on inside your body areas til you get that good inside look. that much i learned from this little adventure. or you could have suffered some level of actual injury long ago that never actually showed itself upon the time of injury,but time kind of made it more pronounced?

your doc could at the very least,start with a spinal x ray series just to see how the discs and spinal alignment are. that next step would be the MRI depending upon what does or does not actually show up. you definitely have that 'something' that is irritating and or inflamming nerves to the muscles,or you would not have spasms. they kind of go hand in hand. you just need to track down that "trigger' with some scans. like i mentioned at the very beginning? this just is not normal,and wasn't normal in your teens either. you just need to find out the 'why" in all this.

just see your primary about this and ask about the x rays and the MRI,something is creating angry nerves in your back/neck somewhere. are you feeling any pain or numbness or tingling at all or anything else "odd'? good luck and please keep me posted, Marcia

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