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Hi all! I'm new here, but I've been reading the posts for the last few days and have gotten a ton of great information! Thanks for that!!

So, long story short, I have Grade II spondy. My L5 vertebrae has slipped from 1/4" to 1" in the last 3 years. I also started getting nerve involvement recently, which prompted the visit back to the doc (lots of hip pain, numb patches on my shin, numb/tingly foot...all on my right side).

I've had LBP since about 1991, but didn't see the doc (ortho spine specialist) until 4 yrs ago. So, the deal is that the doc says it'll only keep slipping, so I'm better off getting the surgery done now while I'm still young and can handle it better than if I were much older. I've done PT, epidural injections...nothing helped for long. I've been putting this off for so long because I'm not in constant debilitating pain or anything! I mean, my lower back hurts like crazy if I stand or walk for too long, really hurts in the morning when I wake up (especially if I slept on my back at all at night), I can't sit in a reclined position without pain, I can only do non-impact exercises, etc. But it's not like I'm DYING in pain each day. I don't even take any pain meds (though I probably could stand something for the nerve pain that runs through my butt and hip).

Another thing I'm fighting with is the decision to use bone from my own hip or InFuse BMP. He originally told me we'd use my own bone, but then I asked what the alternative would be if I was too scared of the pain that would be associated with the graft. Since I'm not a smoker, he said we could use the BMP, but now I'm scared of all the horror stories I've read about that! HELP!!

OH, my doc also says I'll be able to drive 2 weeks after surgery! And go back work then, I guess, too! Seems like that'll be a bit soon??? Is he just being optimistic?

Anyway, thanks for all the awesome information. It's so helpful to get an idea of what I'll be up against!

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