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I wanted to share with you that I have 3 different fusions and am fused from L3, L4, L5, L6 (extra vertebrae), S1 and S2. In 1982, I had my first fusion s1/s2 without hardware and they used the bone from the hip. I was 17 and back to work fulltime at 4 weeks post op. I remember that hip hurting up to a year afterwards into the groin and right side. I was fused rock solid in the first year.

My second fusion L5/S1 with hardware I had in Feb 2007. I had so much excess bone that they trimmed off the vertebrae when decompressing the nerves that they simply ground that up. It was great to not have that hip pain; however, I did not fuse which contributed to chronic pain.

My last fusion was a fusion from L3, to L5/s1 was done December 8, 2008. They used a combination of my excess bone that they trimmed off of the vertebrae when decompressing the nerves and a mixture of bmp. Now I sit and pray to see Fusion.

So based on my experience, I feel using bone from the hip is the most painful. If you use excess bone left from trimming bone during decompression, it is a breeze. BMP is a breeze too.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you in your decision process. Also I have been told that the hip is supposedly the best as well as a mixture of bone and bmp.

Good luck and remember we are here for you during the recovery process.

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