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I am two weeks out from a hemilaminectomy and discectomy at the L5/S1 level and am going insane. I am only 25 years old and have always been fairly active in sports and life in general and originally hurt my back in my younger teens playing baseball; went to classes the next day and had extreme pain and my left leg began giving out on me. Well the symptoms returned off and on over the next years, until about three months ago I had another recurrence of pain and loss of sensation that always was acutely onset, but this time it decided to stay permanently. My family doctor sent me to a pain management specialist where an MRI was performed and diagnosed degeneratice disc desease along my whole lumbar spine, slight scoliosis, a hairline vertebral fracture, spondylosis, and a large herniation sealing off most nerve passage through the L5/S1 level along with smaller herniations above.
So I went through three epidurals which did nothing for any underlying conditions, in fact, the third actually made my condition worsen dramatically. Along this whole time I has several falls due to the giving out of my left leg, which scared me more than anything, due to the fact that totally loss of muscle control and sensation is pretty damn scary. Of course this whole time I was on narcotics, which only seemed to dull my pain and make urination seemingly impossible. Vicodin, percocet, hydromorphone; they only seemed to dull out the pain to some extent.
Long story short I was referred to a neurologist who suggested the surgery and sought a second opinion to confirm, which it was. So now I am two weeks post op and now dealing with loss of sensation, burning, and pain on both hips and legs, as opposed to just the left. I am constantly light-headed and dizzy, always extremely cold in my extremities (which i have always been a hot natured individual), have a soaring pulse staying at around 120 bpm (which is very unnerving), and the sensations I am having in my feet are differing from the sensation I should be having (i.e. cold feels wet, hot feels basically nothing). Only taking vicodin and flexeril at the moment, which I was taking pre-op with no ill side affects. Just wondering if anyone else out there was exposed to any of these ill afffects post-op and wondering if I need to get another MRI asap to see if I have reherniated or worse. Forgot to mention the neurologist said he was extremely 'aggressive' with the surgery, removing 60% of ths disc and removing a significant portion of the lamina at that level. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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