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Thank you Lynn, yes I have DDD in the cervical. I am not sure about the lumbar yet. The doctors said they would look into the lumbar after I heal some from the cervical.
I know I had problems in the lumbar but could not get the doctors to listen. If I brought up pain in both areas then I was looked at like I was imagining it all. Believe me they all most had me convinced. So I focused on what hurt the most which was the cervical area. While having the last MRI on the cervical & thoracic it picked up the first 2 or 3 discs in the lumbar & showed bulges/herniations with a remark about the area being void of CFS fluid & highly recommended a repeat MRI on the lumbar. Which did not surprise me at all. I do have some pain & symptoms in my left leg & foot, just not as bad as the cervical. During my cycle it can get really bad & some months I actually limp.
I just could not get the doctors to even do the MRI till the cervical was addressed & my PM doctor actually came right out & said the insurance would probably give us a hard time because of the surgery on the cervical. More of less both could not be treated at the same time. Really kind of made me mad, its not like the lumbar issues would go away & I wanted to know what was going on in the lumbar. I am hoping to have the lumbar done soon, but I have a feeling the doctor will want to wait till at least the cervical collar comes off & that wont be for another couple months.
I know what you mean about the meds, I am tired of the constipation to believe me.
I am just a month post op but still have pain & some old symptoms which has me worried. I am hoping it gets better but I had C5 & 6 done & the surgeon did warn me that 4 & 7 were not the the best of shape. Mostly C7. The weather has been really bad to cold & lots of snow, perhaps thats making it worse to. I am just really sore & my arms & shoulders hurt more the last several days. I have some tingling right up against my spine in the upper back & I am praying its all normal. Because my condition was let go for so long I have to wait & see if there is any nerve damage. So I will hope & pray for the best. I just dread my monthly cycle because it just makes everything so much worse. No motrin for 3 mnths & for me motrin helps more then pain meds when it comes to my cycle. Thank you so much for responding & its so nice to hear success stories. Gives the rest of us some hope. god bless, Sammy

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