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Re: Nerve Flare Up
Jan 28, 2009

I had ALIF surgery on dec 16. About 1 maybe 2 weeks after surgery, I started having leg pain in my right leg. It would be from my hip/buttock down to my calf <in the back of my leg> . It had gotten severe enough to end up at the ER on 3 occasions. The pain med I was taking for my back surgery would not even touch the pain in my leg. It was unbearable even. On the 3rd visit to the ER, I was admitted into the hospital. It was super bad and I will never forget the pain i was in. The doc
in the ER immediately put an IV in and I was given dialadid for pain. After being on the dialadid for a full day, the next morning I was put on oxycontin, roxicodone and lyrica as well as having a MRI and other test. Lyrica is actually the med given for nerve pain but it takes a while to get in system good. I was told a low dose of narcotics will NOT help nerve pain. That is why they give lyrica, gabepenton or neurontin But to get my pain back under control, I was given strong narcotics. Strong narcotics helps as it just makes you numb to pain LOL As of now, I am still on all that med. The nerve flare up that caused me to be admitted was on jan 5. I feel and my docs feel as if we have gotten the nerve "cooled" back down. So, I am weaning off oxycontin and roxicodone. I will stay on lyrica. I donot like the side effects from the stronger narcotics. The explanation given to me as to why I had this was.....when doing a fusion, moving all the nerves around can cause inflammation and bad irritation. And the nerve flare up is caused S1 radiculopathy. That is what they diagnosed my problem as. It involves the sciatic nerve. I am sorry you are having that pain. Gosh I know all too well how painful that is. I hope to NEVER experience that pain again. I will never forget the pain I was in. Call your doc and let him/her know you are suffering. Don't suffer......gosh i feel bad for you. lemme know what happens. I hope you find relief soon....


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