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Hi, megss. :)

I understand exactly what you are going through as I have posted threads similar to this due to seeing so many doctors and spinal surgeons that have also said there is nothing wrong with my spine even though I have had multiple imagings (MRIs and x-rays) that show there is actually problems - I have degeneration of my discs with a Schmorls node and annular bulging all at grade 3. I too have had doctors and consultants pass me off as imagening the pain like I am making it up which truly I do not believe one bit. If any doctor or consultant says that, be sure to get another opinion straight away. You are NOT imagening things at all. The pain IS real. I have also had various experience of being told to go away and live with it as they thought I just wanted them to write out sick note! I truly did not want a sick note, I just wanted some sort of a sensible answer to my problem which I have still not got after 3 and a half years of pain. I would trade my pain to them anyday as maybe then will they actually understand what it is like to be on the other side and be told to live with it.

I agree with all of the people who have posted. Certainly get another opinion as I too think that Neurosurgeon treated you badly and you don't deserve it at all. No one deserves this kind of treatment from so-called professionals.

Also, I agree with JanKR - I would get another fresh MRI if you feel the pain and symptoms have gotten worse and also the myelogram, as recommended by brendaks1.

I agree with everyones posts on here and have found each one very interesting and informative.

I am going to have to beg this new orthopaedic spine surgeon who I have been unknowingly referred onto, as my other neurosurgeon has left, to order a fresh MRI of my lumbar and pelvic region as I too feel like things have changed. My last MRI was taken before I had this bladder problem which I have a bad feeling is related to my spine problem unfortunately. I also think my surgeon should have ordered a discogram and myelogram too but they never mentioned it and only did MRIs and x-rays which are not truly accurate. Ideally you should have every test available and your surgeon should talk to you about the full availability of tests to help either diagnose or rule out what it could or could not be.

I, like you, have been told by the doctors and consultants that there is no nerve impingment according to the MRIs and I also have horrible sciatica and leg sensations down both legs. I too have no answer as to why I have this sciatica as I've only been told "I don't know why you are having the pain that you are having" or "it may be in your head" which are not very sensible or constructive answers at all really.

Maybe an MRI scan with contrast would be a good idea as well? A person on these boards told me that that is a useful test to have as it shows things up that a plain MRI doesn't.

Discograms are actually a very good tool for finding out if the pain you are having is discogenic or coming from somewhere else so it is, from what I've heard, not a 'bogus' test but I could be wrong, I'm not sure. It has been said from reading on the internet the gold standard test before considering surgery to fuse the spine as it gives the surgeon an idea of where the pain is coming from so they fuse the spine in the correct place for optimum results.

I am not sure on the upright MRIs - I've never even had that mentioned to me - I've only had the bed MRIs where you lie down and go into a cylinder.

Sorry for my long post. I just wanted to share the ideas that I had and try to give some advice that may be of use.

I really hope you find an answer and manage to find the right doctor and good luck. You are in good hands on this board as there are some great people on here.

Kind regards


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