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When will it end
Feb 13, 2009
Hi my name is Tracy I am 39 yrs old and the mother of three. last year I started having a very bad lower back ache.. Of course being the mom of 3 active kids I totally went about my business.. I am not a doctor kind of person. I was working at a mortgage company on the 2nd floor. One night I remember going to bed after of course 4 loads of laundry and cleaning when I got home from cheerleanding baseball practice etc.. I got a shower and went down to reach for the soap and could not get up! I yelled for my husband in worse pain then I ever had even in labor with my children. the pain was behind my right knee down my legs in my lower back and right check in my butt. my husband helped me out of the shower and into bed on the second floor. I took 2 advil and tossd and turned all night long.. The very next day I could not move! I was done. MY family dr scheduled me for a mri (worst test ever) You feel like your in a coufin and you need to be completley still for over 30 min and when you are in pain that is sooooo hard. Long and short the doctor called me the very next day and said that I had a HUGE herniated disc that was sitting on my sciatiac nerve l5-s1 and it needed immediate attention. I went to the university of pennsylvania hospital to a top neuro surgeon and he did surgory asap.. well after surgeory I felt really good with 20 staples in my spine and alot of discomfort just from muscles being cut etc.. that numbing pain was gone.. I had the surgeory may 9 2008 i was back on my feet slowly but feeling good. We took our family on vaccation to the beach that july and after driving down there when I got out of my truck I felt that same feeling on the opposite side of surgeory. I almost cried the entire vaccation. I could not walk through the sand i was totally in the same spot.. I babied myself the whole 2 weeks. I got another mri when I ret home and it showed a reherniation on the opposite side. my surgeon reccomened that I stay on my meds and go to see a epidural dr.. well I went to hm and he said my chances of them helping for all 3 were only 10% very low but rather than go through getting cut open I did the treatment. I still feel to this day a constant tooth ache feeling in my lower back! It is worse in the morning when I get up and put my feet down I am totally knumb and in bad pain. I can't go on like this I feel like I have been robbed my life and I am fed up.. ANY input would be very helpful.. Will I be in pain forever or is there hope.

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