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Hi all,

I have been sifting thru all these links and information. WOW! I guess my pain has never been bad enough or i have never felt desperate enough to really dig deep here.

I have gone on and off for 10 years now with back pain. Sometimes a terrible pain that pretty much stayed in my lower back region. I am sure you all know the tightness that makes you walk crooked. Anyway, i could usually go see the chiro and be better after a few days.

Well, last Sunday I went out for a run and slipped on some ice. I fell right on my butt and lower back. Since then things have changed dramatically. I have all these new and surprising new pains.

At first is was the normal back pain on my left side. Then i got these huge painful knots on the upper left and right sides of my butt cheeks. I got cracked again and a deep massage. The knot on my right side is gone. BUt the one on the left... yikes.

But the worse part is, my back pain is almost non-existant. But the pain in my hip is fierce and when i walk around for more than a few minutes the upper front part of my left left gets so painful i can barely move. When i lie down the pain in the front of my leg goes away, but the hip pain will not fade no matter what i do. I also notice a weakness in my left quad now when climbing stairs and such.

My problem has also been a couple bad discs. (L5 and L5a?? cnat remember for sure, i know the L5 part)

It all seems odd to me, if it was sciatica wouldnt go down the back of my leg? Any advice? I assume this fall i took just inflamed my problem worse than normal. But with all these new pains and the fact that i cannot get any relief scares the hell out of me.

I am 6'3", 185 pounds. I do Ironman distances triathlons and have thru all the aches and pains thru the years related to my back. I read what so many of you suffer from and it is realy terrifying.

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