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A little background first. I'm 28 and have had back problems on and off for over ten years now. Usually it will last about a week then go away. This time it started in December and still hurts, so I gave up and went to the doctor last Monday. She ordered a MRI, (which I've never had before), and I had that done last Wednesday. She called me Monday with the results and I see a neurologist tomorrow. It just all has happened so fast it seems like something is majorly wrong. Anyways here are the results if anyone can tell me what this means.

L3-4 Ther is a small, focal annular tear/disc protrusion which abuts and causes very slight flattening of the lateral recesses/ventral surface of thecal sac.

L4-5There is a small, focal central disc herniation which is minimally eccentricc to the left. This plus other mild degenerative changes including mild loss of disc height and disc signal are still causing no more than mild flattening of the left, greater than right lateral recesses. The neural foramina are patent.

L5-S1 There is a small, focal right paracentral right disc herniation. This is superimposed upon mild degenerative disc disease. There is mild loss of disc height and disc signal with a minimal circumferential bulge. There is mainly mild-to-moderate flattening of the right lateral recess. There is no more than very slight impingement upon the right lateral recess and neural foramina.

Any help with this would be wonderful! Thank you!

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