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First I had 2 extruded discs-L3-5 could not walk for approx 2 weeks, then walked like penguin, then toddler til I graduated to looking like quasimoto. Electric knives stabbing, pain, legs buckling, shaking, atrophy in one leg, feeling of rosebush thorn branch stuck in my leg. Stabbing pains down but and legs, severe pain and numbness down both legs, couldn't feel one leg for 2 weeks. Could not carry my coffee in my right hand, could not shut or open a bathroom door. Could not get on or off toilet for 2 weeks. Leg would jump on its own.

Had 2 disc microdiscectomy- Renerniated-L4-5, L5 nerve impingement. leg jumped on it's own, bad pain down both legs, shooting and stabbing, still looking like quasimoto, leg not AS atrophied, numb waves, feeling like someone took a bat and beat my legs, stabbing, electric, burning, pins, and waves of severe increasing pain in back to but that I have no choice but to lay down or it just increases in severity. Waves of but and front going numb. Cannot 'walk' distances of a food aisle, need someone to hold onto to pull on to get my leg going to try and take a dinky step. I limp.

Going for a 1 level fusion.

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