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hi, i am 29 y/o. I have had back pain for almost 8 years. I have been in 3 car accidents, had a bad spinal tap at age 15, and fell off of an eight foot ladder while working, i have been diagnosed with carpul tunnel at age 23 in both hands. I am very stubborn and did nothing for it. My pain gradually got worse. I am now to the point that i can't hold a job (got laid off due to missing work 5 months ago)My pain is so bad it gets in the way of me living my life. I am in bed sometimes upto 4 days a week because pain is so bad. When i can get out of bed it is not to do anthing. I have started exercising (when i have the strength. I got an MRI done of the lumbar spine. The colclusion said bulging disk at l4-5 (is this one or two bulging disks?) The doctor got MRI results (did nothing for me) While he was doing the exam and feeling on my back noticed i also need mri's for the cervical and thoracic spine. Also gave me a referral to see a orthopedic sugeon. I explained my symptoms and he said i deffinetly have something going on but need further tests. I don't have a job, insurance, or money to keep spending.
Here are my syptoms= Right above tailbone swells if standing or sitting for no longer than 30 minutes and severe pain.I get achy pains in my thighs and sometimes hurts to even walk cramping like feelings this is in both legs but only one leg at a time (when my leg hurts it is only in one leg at a time but it is in both just not at the same time) My arms and hands get tingly feeling and ache real bad and my hands are usually swollen in the morning and sometimes wake me up with them locked closed. I can't sleep at night due to the pain waking me up or i can't go to sleep because of pain. My upper back feels like it has a bad sunburn like feeling (it kind of feels like i have a heating pad on my upper back, thats how hot it feels) when i lean against a couch, chair, wall, or anything this is my upper back that has this but is not hot to the touch. My back seems like it is has constant muscle spasms. My back is always real tight and hurts so bad. I have had my fiance massage my back but when he gets to certain areas of my back he could make my arms go numb, ache, and give me heartburn like feeling in my chest. When i sneeze and sometimes when i cough i get heartburn like feeling in my chest and back and my amrs get really throbing and hurt so bad this can last anywhere from 30 secs. to 2-3 minutes and really puts me in pain.
Can someone give me any kind of thought what might be happening.
Thank you so much on any help!!

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