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Sorry but I am miserably uncomfortable and need some ideas-even more.

I've been home from the hospital since Thursday last week I had a lumbar fusion, the fusion was on last monday, and last sunday was the last time I had a BM. had 3 cans prune juice-nothing. stool softners in the hospital and at home- nothing. 2 doses miramax-nothing.
1 dose colace (kinda like ginger ale)- nothing. 3 doses milk of magnesia-nothing. I even ate a half bag dried cherry essence prunes.

I am horribly uncomfortable and getting bad lower pains in my stomach and the pressure I think is causing my nerve surgical pain to flare uncontrollably, at times I can't hardly walk due to the nerve pains in my legs and hip. I've had coffee, salad, macaronis, beef, nothing is working and something hasto soon as it's unbearable to be honest.

I can't 'push' (sorry), and when I do try it just kills my back and nothing happens at all.

My last surgery I didn't go for 2 weeks and was in terrible shape with a huge distended stomach, and had to manually remove bowel from what I could reach as the muscles were completely relaxed and useless down there. I also couldn't urinate last time too so I am hoping this time would be better but it's not- as far as bowel movements go. I am in more pain and uncomfortable stomach wise this time than last, and last time i looked in the last trimester of being pregnant.

I have some of the magnesium citrate (if thats how you spell it) left, was going to drink the rest of it this morning, but truly nothing is helping, not even my boyfriends cooking is making me go. Even that stuff says 1-2 hr to 6 hrs for a BM, it's been since yesterday morning that I drank half of it.

I really need some ideas and help, and to be hoenest I truly can't stop taking the pain meds, they don't even do the job as it is and I only get 1-2 hrs relief of what is to be a 6-8hr pill lenght.

In the hospital I was on diladid, they sent me home with 2 percocets every 6 hrs, nausea meds, muscle relaxers and now sleep pills as I cant sleep due to the pains.

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