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Uneven shoulders
Mar 23, 2009
It was brought to my attention yesterday when I was trying on a dress that my left shoulder was slightly lower then my right. I have mentioned on here my history with back problems since I was a teenager (now 24) and I am wondering if it could be scoliosis? The left side of my ribcage appears to stick out a little more as well which I noticed when I was 16 or so and even went and had a chest x-ray for it. I will be seeing my doctor april 24th, but I was wondering how likely it would be that this is scoliosis?
I would say it's quite likely, but if it's not bothering you, there may be no need to treat it. I always had a lot of pain from my scoliosis, but I knew an elderly lady who was much worse than me who said she never had a single day of pain from it.

Your doctor can tell very easily, even without an x-ray, if you have scoliosis.

I wish you the best,
One of my many back problems is scoliosis, but at 67 I'm much older than you. For years I had the problem of my bra strap on the right always slipping off my shoulder. Even though I knew I had scoliosis, I never made the connection until one day, looking at myself in the mirror it was quite obvious that one shoulder drooped. That was it! Yes, you may have scoliosis.
Wouldn't they have detected her scoliosis via those in-school screenings?

I had a physical therapist mention one of my legs being longer than the other but we were working on my lower lumbar and it eventually worked its way straight. I think anything that's out of whack in your spine could cause your legs or shoulders to be uneven and for this reason, I wouldn't be so quick to say its probably scoliosis.
I never had in school screenings for scoliosis. I live in Canada, I don't know if that makes a difference or not. Until I was 14 I did have a doctor that checked my spine every visit, so if I do have scoliosis it would have developed after that.
It most commonly starts around puberty, so it very well could have started after your last check. But don't jump the gun. It's very easy to determine if you have scoliosis, so when you visit your family doctor he'll be able to see if that's what's really up. Whatever the cause, I hope he can get to the bottom of it quickly. Do you have pain?

Take care,

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