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Hi Brad,

I'm no medical expert, so I honestly can't say - but my advice is just to try and do everything carefully and in a controlled manner - proper warm-ups before exercise etc...If you can get professional advice when you're exercising that's always the best policy. I imagine if you just bend over when the muscles are cold, you're liable to pull the muscles pretty badly which can take a while to heal fully. I was told once that sitting with your legs hanging free puts quite a bit of stress on your lower back, so maybe try and have your feet supported if you doing bending activities.

My own specific problems were severe leg pain which was brought on in a standing position and relieved by bending over - so i spent the best part of two years bending over at the waist, often while still standing, to relieve the pain - in this position I was putting a lot of stress on my dodgy disc - and after the surgery, when I developed the slippage, it seems it was actually shearing the disc. But that was just me and I've had the tests and diagnoses to know exactly what was going on in my back when I bend forward!

good luck with the continued activities - sorry if I frightened you. Whatever the problem, exercise in some form is always advised. Even walking and gentle stretching is good, swimming too. But, remember not to try to do too much at once, and if you're concerned about certain activities try and find a professional to guide you for a session or two. I don't remember if you've had MRI scans done. If you haven't, I strongly advise it so you at least know what you're working with.
Hang in there!

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