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I dont know on the plane, as it depends on the seats the more cushy in a sitting position the harder it is for me, I'd bring a pillow or 2 to use to prop you up, and get that neck wrap around pillow thing for sure, and if you can get it recined some and be able to get up here and there you can probably pull it off, and if you are going to be on pain meds and muscle relaxers it'd help for sure, I don't know that I could do it right now, but for a florida trip, and to really rough it for 3 hrs for a good week in Fla to recoop I'd consider it for sure. No pain no gain they say but, IDK.

I can shower now, not wonderfully, but I can this week, I have a shower chair with handles I got online for 35$, so when I'm in there especially the past 2 weeks, I've used that, my first couple of showers was hard with the incision not getting it drenched, my SO hosed me off with the shower head, and shamooing my hair was a task to get my hands above my head, I can do it NOW, but take the quickest showers ever, and I don't condition as I'm usually home alone or w/ my kids, and I don't want to get TOO sore in there or naked too long in the even they haveto save me lol
I have a removable shower head thing, not fixed, so that made it easier for sure.

I haven't driven in 8 months, only been a passenger for dr appointments, and about 5 other times I can think of besides that, we pondered the handicap temp thing, you only need a dr note for motor vehicle as far as I know, I will see how I am in the next visit and may request one as I truly don't go out, and I could have used one but, I don't drive, and was not in car enough to have it matter how far the walk was to the stores, I couldn't do it.

Plus, you haveto remember, even thou we had/are having the same surgery, I had an immediate injury with 2 blown discs in my back, and could not feel my leg for 2 weeks, and practically re-learned how to walk- literally. I could not carry coffee in one of my hands as the weight of the cup killed my back, and I was like that for 3 months, then reherniated severely after 1st surgery, where I couldn't urinate etc. My nerve has been really beaten, and impinged.
Not that your not going to be hurting, but I think the manipulation of the nerve may have less effects post- surgery for you, I hope, my disc after surgery in my MRI went completely across the length of my spinal canal it was HUGE, and that was like that for another 4 months or so prior to 2nd surgery. Plus, I had 2 back surgeries in 5 months too. Everyone told me recovery from the 2nd one would be hard as the other surgery was so recent too.

So I am hoping it will be easier for you, AND you are about 10yrs younger than me, (give or take a few years lol), so that is in your favor as well.

It is good timing on your surgeons part to have scheduled you how they did, as the longer you're like that the harder you will have recovering. I have spent 8 months on my back or side, rarely up and rarely on couch. I lived out of the microwave for months too as I couldn't stand long enough to make a meal, I even burnt my chin on food lol and all my shirts are ruined from trying to lay and drink, even straws only do so much. So I am hoping you will fare off much better than me at this point in your recovery with all that in consideration.

I know you'll do well, and just remember the first 2 weeks are the hardest, even though you're noticing improvement it's ups and downs alot. I only started my steps 3 days ago, and tried them once, and did it again yesterday. Hurt some, but now I CAN do them at least. Only once a day lol but, better than nothing.

When you can post I will be on the look out for you and how you are. I read the first week, the surgeon puts this numbing stuff in there, and it takes a week to wear off, so your 2nd week, you are feeling all of it, and it puts you back alittle, I don't know if all of that is entirely true, but I did notice a set back going into the 2 week mark so remember that it's expected! Take care, I know you'll be doing better very soon.

PS as for the percocet, even though on the rough days I do take it every 4hrs round clock, like today- I haven't been up alot, but only took one, (it's 1-2 every 4hrs), and I got to take a shower, and now I'm laying again and resting my back before I attempt drying my hair..I'm sore, and the nerve down my leg is going off, and my back is sore surgery spot, so I gotta rest b4 I can try to lift the hairdryer, thankfully that 2" I took off my hair has helped tremendously prior to surgery, make sure you get your haircut, do your toenails, scrub your feet, change where you put your loose comfy clothes so you don't haveto bend or open a drawer, and I switched the pots in my kitchen to high cabinets where I can reach them, not that I can do spaghetti cuz the weight of the pot of water, but, I get help from the kids. On the worse days, it has been round clock and worse in the evening for sure I'm taking the pain meds, I haveto truly, I've tried to rough it and I cant take the nerve pains or weird feeling in my back I dont FEEL any screws or anything 'fake' in there though, I was worried I would be bothered by feeling them. So it depends on the day, just as back pain always does for peeps. It's a different kind of pain, which sedistically enough, is better than the old pain that you've put up with so long if you know what I mean??? lol hard 2 explain but, cuz it's different and semi controllable, its easier to cope with in a way??? I don't know if that makes sense to you or not.

What you should do, is print out like, my posts about surgery, Jans, and onyxgates they're probably in the past 5-6 pages on here, and keep them in your bedroom. So on the days you can't get to the computer, or if you're sore, or down and out, you can read them, it truly will lift your spirits and know what you're feeling is normal, and just make you feel better truly. Then you won't get down especially if you can't get to the computer to post us to ask !! I think that would be a really good picker upper for you if you did that and saved it for after surgery when you're recovering truly.

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