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Sacrum Pain
Mar 28, 2009
History: Two prior laminectomies, lumbar area, no fusion. On 11/14, apparently while moving heavy potted plants, I fractured my L-4 vertebral body. Within 24-48 hours I encountered extreme weakness in the legs making it difficult to support my body weight although no sciatica or apparent neurological deficit with my legs was otherwise noticeable. Upon presentation to MD, lateral X-ray ordered, negative. Thought I was losing my mind! Eventually I went to a pain specialist (MD) for epidural who refused treatment until MRI conducted. MRI showed "hot spot" at L-4, but also showed abnormal growth on pancreas. Kyphoplasty ordered by attending neurologist, performed 1/20/09. Results were truly remarkable; I walked the day after surgery without any difficulty, repeated 2nd day post-op with little or no difficulty, with only barely noticeable weakness (but no pain) in back area or legs. Six days later (1/26/09) an ERCP was conducted. When I came to in the recovery room after ERCP, I had sciatic pain shooting down both legs, intense throbbing/pulsating pain in the sacrum, tingling in both feet and a greater weakness in both legs but particularly in the left leg that was not noticably present at any time after fracturing my L-4 vertebral body. I literally felt as though someone dropped me from a three story building! Now, after six weeks (3 times weekly) of physical therapy, my symtopology has not changed. I am told I must have back surgery again for decompression if I want relief from the horrible sciatica. I am told I will lose 90 days from sitting and another six weeks for more physical therapy. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE A DECOMPRESSION IS THE ANSWER TO MY SCIATICA. Upon examination, the ERCP operative report details/chronicles the difficulty encourtered by the MD in "snaking" the endoscope towards by pancreas and feel as though my body may have been contorted in the ERCP process that my sacrum or spine may have been damaged. I feel as though my sacrum may be out of alignment thus causing my difficulties. I only wanted my health back, not worsened, so I can enjoy time with my grandchildren! Of particular concern to me, is the electrical type sensations I have pulsating pain from my sacrum area down into my legs like an intermittent electrical shock. Has anyone encountered the same or similar symptoms who may be willing to share their experience and hope; and, most importantly, the solution they chose in order to recover from this absolutely horrible malady. Thanks.

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