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I was herniated at L3,L4,L5. I had a laminectomy and a discectomy. That took care of the stenosis and relieved me of the leg pain, that went down the side of the leg and sometimes down my butt. I swear I was ready to chop off my feet, the burning was really getting to me.
Am I back to what I was? no I also have arthritis in the spine, along with osteroporosis. I didn't want a fusion so as the surgeon said, the surgery would take care of the leg pain not the back. I can't lift up heavy stuff or my back will swell. I learned that just last week picking up my 14 month old grandniece. It is difficult to bend over to pull weeds. I do have a hard time sitting or standing for long periods of time, but it is more of an ache now instead of sharp pains.
It was a scary adventure, not knowing what to expect and dreading the day of surgery. I was a nervous wreck the morning of the surgery. But it was done, I woke up in recovery, and I didn't want any pain meds, just wanted to go to my room and have some coffee and breakfast. When I was placed in my room, I found it difficult to move. I pushed my call button several times because I was still waiting for that cup of coffee and lunch by that time. No one came. The cleaning crew came in to find me hysterical because I was shaking from not eating. My husband appeared at the same time as he had been told I was still in recovery. My call button wasn't plugged in and my bed controls were broken so I truly was stuck. The maintenance crew was called to work on my bed and he was shaking me around. I felt like the scene in Airplane when the gal had her IV jerked around. He couldn't fix the bed so I had to move into another one. Believe me, after the coffee, some cheese and crackers, pain meds were my next request. I was up that night with help. It was painful but tolerable and by the time I went home I was taking 1/2 a vicodan now and then. I used a walker for the first day because one leg dragged. For the next ten days I did very little.
I did buy before surgery, lots of elastic band waist sweat pants

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