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Re: I'm Home
Apr 19, 2009
Hay as for sleeping, if you sleep on your side, I notice I need a pillow to wedge infront and behind me when I sleep, as I seem to sag my shoulder foward and when I wake up its MUCH worse on my back, if you're sleeping on your back and waking with pain then it's just pain, but if your side wedge pillows it will really help ALOT. Plus when I am on my back I put a pillow under my knees, that helps take more pressure off your back too, for awhile It bothered me to do it, now it feels better when I do- so I think it just depends on where your back is at lol who knows.

I know labor is nothing compared to back pain, and I had my first all natural!! This ordeal is like 10x worse than labor, truly.

As for Fla, 9 days can change ALOT when healing from this- It's amazing week to week how things change, and how much lets up to push yourself alittle more too. I think you'll make it there I really do. And if you get probs sitting get that donut but thing that you blow up, I bet that'll help the plane ride, remember a square pillow or 2 for your flight, that'll help alot.

I goto the dr on Tuesday-that's my 6 weeks checkup- can't believe its been that long already! I'll see if I got any donor bone. I am going to go for another walk with my daughter in a bit, I noticed- in the difference of ONE WEEK, from hardly being able to severely limp just up the street with my cane being used extrememly just to do it and tons of pain, to being able to go farther than just around my block, and go up the steps like a normal person instead of stopping on each step with both feet.
So you will really just jump foward soon too it was amazing the difference from week 4-5, really amazing.

Sitting stinks, but I learned after my first surgery, that it took me about THREE months to be able to 'sorta' sit, (and that was with a large rehernation) but even that, it took that long for the surgery pains to fade, and now I can sit for about 1/2 hr, with a pillow behind me making me upright with perfect posture, or in my recliner I last about an hour, maybe alittle more. I notice the longer I sit, once the muscles relax, my back locks up and its terribly hard to get up, and I gotta scoot foward to be able to only use my thighs to get up.

You sould watch the OTC meds, esecially any PM meds, depending on what you're taking/ie-muscle relaxers/pain meds, as they have 'sedatives' in them and you most likely will haveto completely wait the time for them to be out of your system to take your reg meds from your dr. I did alot yesterday, went to SO's house, sat outside, was upright MOST of the day, hardly laid down AT ALL, but 9pm I had ALOT of pain especially in my back, and then we went for a drive, and going around a turn in the car I had this EXCRUSIATING nerve pain shoot up the side of my spine, hurt like crazy.

SO I overdid it yesterday.

I still get nerve pains, they've faded some, and I can walk some without a limp from the pain, I am doing pretty good now, I look like I am alittle slow walking with a slight limp vs egoring around dragging my leg, and hunched over in agony for so many months, heck, almost a year actually. SO I am getting better finally, and my atrophied leg is looking much better, its still alittle sickly looking but the muscle is starting to build back up again at least. I might make it thru this thing- I just might! After being so severely hurt and totally stuck bedridden cept for the bathroom, I truly never thought I'd see this day again, or get my legs back, I really didn't. I get alot of pain higher in my back that hasn't been MRI'd yet still, near my bra strap, its really been stirring lately, I guess because for once I am finally more mobile. I know for AWHILE it felt like under my fusion was going to explode, so much pressure it was aweful and making me nervous, and it started to fade, went on for about 2 weeks thou. I'm learning the hard way how long it takes these nerves to try to heal. The electrifying pains have faded for the most part, unless I over do it.

I'll see if I can find something like what you're taking, I'm going to ask the dr when I go what he thinks is good for me to take OTC vitamin wise. I take chromium picolinate to upp my motabolism, and green tea for the antioxidants now, I didn't ask him if those were OK thou, but I don't see why not, I'll bring them when I go this week.

It's supposedto rain here tomorrow we'll see if I am dying again or not, I hope not, the last rain was absolutely TERRIBLE on me, it really was aweful. Another reason I want to push it today and walk alittle farther, as I can't when the rain comes tomorrow.

Hope you're doing good!! :)

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