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Re: Emg test help
Apr 16, 2009
are you certain that this actually was an EMG? i am only asking because in certain types of surgery,when there is ANY real chance that there could be a possible damage situation, like the problem either being IN or even close to the actual cord,they do whats called 'intraoperative monitoring'. its kind of a standard in those situations. i had this with my cord surgery. but,on the other hand,they could have wanted to do an EMG like the above poster mentioned,just to make certain they were getting the right nerve area or to check on nerve flow after they did it too. only your surgeon would actually know just why this was performed and what it consisted of. sorry i could not be more helpful than this. unfortunetly waiting for doc appts and surgeon appts is the real sucky part when having anything going on anywhere. did the test actually "show' anything at all? how do you know for certain they did this, were you just told by your surgeon?

just an FYI here for ya since i just automatically do this every time i have any surgery done? you can request ALL records in your central file at the hospital you had this surgery done at. it would include the EMG and the very important 'op notes" that by law,every single surgeon just HAS TO do post op. its basically like a transcript of your surgery. i find these really interesting just to see how things went and the things they did or found while diggin around inside my body. if you do this, just make certain(after you just call) when they send out that release of info for you to sign to get this stuff, that you mention the op notes and the EMG results by name as something you simply need. it helps.

please let us know what you find out at that appt. i have never heard of anyone actually having that EMG done during an actual surgery,but then again,they may not even KNOW they had one either. marcia

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