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Apr 14, 2009
I have recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, Spondylosis, and possible Herniated Nucleus Pulposus - L4-L5. I have pain in my right hip, lower back on both sides, down halfway into my right buttock. Then the pain jumps over to the inside of my calf in my right leg. Sometimes my right foot tingles or burns. My Doctor could not get a pulse in my right foot, I don't know if that is related to any of this or not. I'm starting therapy next week and if that doesn't help then injections.

I had an MRI two years ago that showed a bulging disk and spinal stenosis, then proceeded to have therapy and injections. None of which seemed to have helped very much.

Could my bulging disc possibly have turned a herniated disc? Is not feeling a pulse in my foot part of this? Like some kind of nerve damage? There is something else I've noticed in the last year or so. Sometimes when I pick something up, with the palm side if my hand facing up, I get this very painful kind of shock sensation. Could this be related to this as well?

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