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L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae were bulging and trimmed back. Titanium rods and screws in with bone harvested from my hip. Surgeon and his assistants all claim it was super clean perfect surgery but I am very very stiff and feel discomfort all the time. It's worse than it was before the surgery, but I had to have the surgery because I woke up one day and my nerve was pinched. I couldn't feel my right leg or control my bladder or bowels. They rushed me to surgery within 5 days. I was 11 days in the hospital recovering and was off work for 3 months. Back to work as an outside sales rep now but still get easily tired and feel like an old man with this back.

Recently a friend said that his wife, about 5 years younger than us, had the same surgery. Her's was caused by her earlier years as a cheerleader. It took her about 3 years to fully recover but she's now playing tennis, which I can't ever see myself doing. I was taking physical therapy until I went back to work. My activity has gone down because I feel so stiff and tired. No longer taking any kind of pain meds whatsoever as my family was concerned with possible addiction. Stopped completely after 7 months.

Can anyone recommend anything ? If I could do it over I probably would not have the surgery though I'm not sure what other options I realistically could have had. I don't necessarily think the surgeon did anything wrong, and I believe them when they say everything was very clean and good. My theory is that the compressed nerves have phantom pain, much a people saying they have pain in a limb, like a leg or arm, even after the appendage is no longer there.

Will probably be getting a hot tub soon but want to know what others could recommend or have had success with.

Thank you very much.

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