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Hi Lena,
Don't despair! At 7 months, you can still expect improvement. I was still seeing improvement even at the year mark. It takes such a long time to fuse, and generally we've been less active for a while because of pain, so once we can actually start doing things again, albeit carefully, it takes a long time to get everything working right.

You may have to accept that you'll have some pain at times. Try to think positive and remember where you've come from. I have a 14 levels fusion, and pain-free was never even on my radar, so I'm thrilled to be as improved as I am and to have a doctor who is happy to keep me stocked with Vicodin. I count my blessings, and re-count as needed! :D

I hope as time goes on that you'll be able to sit longer and longer. There are some little tricks that can help. Sitting on as high a seat as possible helps, and tucking your feet under takes pressure off your lower back. I have an office type chair that my kids chipped in for after my fusion. I went to three different office supply stores and sat in every office chair they had. Some were awful, but some were not bad at all. Having arms on the chair and being able to swivel to change where the pressure is on your back helps a lot. And I have a heating pad plugged in with an extension cord so I can use it in my nifty office chair. My chair gets pushed around the house, too. My husband puts it in the living room for me so I can actually watch a show with the family. I usually watch TV lying down upstairs. You'll find little ways to adjust.

But for now, don't lose hope. You still have more healing to do, especially if nerves are involved. Hang in there!!! And thanks for the update!

Emily :wave:

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