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Re: Neck Problems
May 26, 2009
I have a very similar situation along with bone spurs. My neck itself hurts ,but the worst part was that I had terrible problems in the top of my shoulder and in the scapular/trapezius region, along with all of the clicking and cracking every time I turned my head.

Since you have not started treatments,you still have a lot of possibilities to try.Although most of the things did not help me,they may help you. Usually the doctor will start with NSAIDs and muscle relaxers.You can also try physical therapy,traction.trigger point injections,TENS unit, neck exercises, shouder exercises,cervical epidurals.

I tried all of the above in search of a solution.None of it really worked,or if it did,it was only temporary.It was also expensive.This whole thing started over a year ago.

The good news,is that after all that time things have improved.The clicking is gone and that horrible pressure feeling in my shoulder/back is gone.My neck itself still hurts(but not all of the time).The only thing I can contribute it to is the neck exercises.It was the one thing I kept doing.I started last fall and continue to do them til this day.The improvement was so gradual,that I hardly noticed.Then one day,I realized that my neck wasn't clicking as much and that the pressure wasn't so bad.By the time I realized there was an improvement,it had been over 6 months of exercise.I hope this information is helpful and that you find relief.Regards.Donna
Re: Neck Problems
Jul 18, 2009
I have neck injury and C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7. Remarkable for intevertebral disc space narrowing. Anterior marginal ostgeophytes. Mild disc dessication. Disc bulge indents secal sac and contact spinal cord at c4, c5-6 with spinal cord compression. foraminal narrowing. Mild central canal stenosis.


Cervical spondylosis with central disc protrusions at C5-6 and C6-7 which compresses the spinal cord.

Small central disc bulges at C3-4 and C4-5 contact the spinal cord.

I have seen a neurologist who wants to do a myelogram, but I am scared because I have worked as a paralegal and hello... everything in your body is below your neck so it is risky procedure not to mention surgery. This is all from auto accidents which became a legal mashup and no decent lawyer to sort it all out. I am in constant pain in both my neck which radiates down my arms, but the insidious part of the whole mess is that the sharp stabbing most debilitating pain is under my right scapula. As soon as I start my day, if I lift a toothbrush, it is like a dagger right in the mid region of my back with the popping in and out which feels like someone pulled my right arm out of the socket. If I use my left hand and place it along my spine the clicking is at that location and the muscle spasms are agonizing. My doc told me I have the neck of a 90 year old woman. He said I could let anyone touch my neck. PT I tried but when they went to put my neck in tractionI asked them if they were trying to paralyze me??? My brother was a paraplegic so this is a very sensitive issue with me along with all the back surgery med recs I've read in my career that were not remedied by invasive surgery. What mystifies me is that all the pain is referring down to that part of my back. I have Darvocet which helps a little, but every day I sit on heating pad. The range of motion in my neck is limited of course, but stiffness more than pain. The horrible pain is further down my back where I believe I have another bulging disc and I am wondering if this is the culprit rather than my neck even though that is the tipping point of my injury. I'm confused and want to see ortho but have to go to hoops at medicaid, etc. I have filed for disability because now I am unable to drive, ride public transportation for fear of paralysis if the torqueing motion. I have also had injections in the middle of my back which again, stopped the pain for 6 mos. That is why I am confused. The next time, this pain management doc put the needle in my neck and it was a waste of money. I asked him why he didn't put it in the mid back area and he said there was a danger of collapsing a lung???? Sheesh.

My question is then can a chiro do anything without touching my neck, and/or what about acupuncture??? I just feel like the solution temporarily is to inject at the mid back region or isolate the nerve that is causing the muscle spasms. I am merely guessing. I'm in constant pain and it is major effort to get to any appointment and when nothing helps, I loose motivation to do anything but turn to meds. A glass of wine really helps, so that makes me think it is muscle related spasms?????

With all my experience doing med chronologies on back injuries I'd be better informed. This is a paradox and is ruining my life -- I'm 60 in November so I guess what's left of it. Another consideration because of convalescing after neck surgery I think would be prudent to wait until hopefully I get the disability. I can't work so this is driving me nuts psychologically - major depression because I am a "need achiever" and have always enjoyed my career. I just feel like I am going in circles. HELP!!!

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