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I had severe right hip and leg pain 12 months ago, I did a MRI which found I had spine disk herniation, the pain calmed down after treating for 20 days. But since then I have been in constant pain on right leg ( a small area in calf), I usually get more pain when I wake up in the morning or if I walk or drive more . I did another MRI 6 months ago, which shows the interval reduction in size of the L5-S1.but my leg pain almost has no change ( no better and no worse) and sometimes my hip still in pain also.
Now my question here is , if my pain is causes by disk pressing down on my nerve when I stand up, why do I feel more pain when I sleep or wake up in the morning? I believe my body is horizontal at that time , the disk doesn’t get more pressure than when I stand or sit. So I don’t think my disk can pinch my nerve when I lay down. but when I asked this question to my Orthopedic or Nero Surgery who I saw, no one gave to me an answer that let me satisfied and looks like my question doesn’t make sense. I guess maybe my nerve or muscle have adhered to each other in somewhere and it causes my pain. but I don’t know what kind of exam I can require to do to find out it. The reason I have to make sure this question because one Chiropractor I saw who suggested me to do stretching therapy or use an “ inversion table” to relax the pressure in my disk, but what if my pain is caused by adhering instead of disk herniation ? All these procedure could be useless.

I will tell you that all the tests in the world may not lead them to know exactly what is going on.

After my neck surgery in 2006 I had really bad pain return. My OSS agreed to go in and do what they call a foraminotomy in 2008 as the nerve root may be slightly impinged from his views of the MRI. His first comment after the procedure...."Wow, we had no idea the stenosis and impingement was that bad, you just can't get that level of detail on an MRI. That explains the amount of pain you were experiencing".

So, by going in, they may find some surprises but a good NS or OSS will be ready to deal with whatever shows up.
So , if I am right, you did two micro-surgeries in you neck, the one is in 2006 and the another is in2008. Do you feel the second one is successful?
Your doctor said they don’t know your neck’s some details before the surgery but they had enough skills to deal with the problem during the surgery.
I don’t know why the spine surgery’s success rate is not pretty high, all doctors who I saw told me the success rate should be 80%-85%, but it is said this rate didn’t count those cases that symptoms come back after sometimes late, So the one statistic article said the real success rate is about only 50 %-55%. I don’t know if this statistic is correct or not.
I posted this message on May 2009, but so far I still suspect this question, if my calf pain is coursed by L5-S1 spine disc impress my nerve to cause my calf pain, why there is no pain from my buttocks to the Leg and the pain only happens in calf area about 4-5 inches square region? I talked to several
surgeons this questions but they just said“ it is passable” but didn’t explain why. I asked if Discogram can examine it? They said not necessary and Discogram can’t add something. But I believe I have to make sure this question because I don't want to waste a surgery and still have pain after surgery.

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