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Hi everyone!!
I have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers for. I am scheduled for the trial for the spinal cord stimulator in a few days for lower back pain and leg pain. My question is can you still have massages in your back with the leads there? Massage is such a necessity for my back pain, I don't know what I'd do without it. Granted my husband is the masseuse (sp??)... but still LOL I forgot to ask my doctor and I'm terrified it's something I might have to give up??
Also, I have read other posts of people who said you have to be careful going through grocery store security devices in the entrances? Have any of you had that problem?
What about the leads moving after they have been placed? One Dr told me I have to be very careful, and his assistant said not to worry, they wouldn't move very easily??
Any tips you guys might have would be very appreciated!!
I don't have a spinal cord stimulator - but it really sounds like you need to talk to your doctor before you have the surgery. One question I might ask is - what if you want to take it out? Can the stimulator come out with any damage?

Good luck to you!
Hi everyone!!
I had trial implanted yesterday!!! I am still really sore, is that normal? I know they told me I would be just a little sore, but it really hurts! I feel like I have been stabbed through the middle of my back with a knife! I called my Dr and they said it's normal but if it doesn't get better in a few days they would see me. I can't sit back in a chair or lie down on my back it hurts so much. Other than my stabbing pain, it seems to be helping my leg pain. They tried to get it located in my back as well, but every time she tried to move it there, I would feel like I was going to throw up! She decided to just leave it on my legs until I see her later this week to try again. It's really hard to tell how much it's helping because I hurt so bad that I'm taking all my pain meds still.
Thank you all for responding to my other questions too. You've all been so helpful!! Melissa, how did you get a card for going through the airport? Also, I know we aren't supposed to have MRI's done, does anyone wear a medical braclet or have a card for that?
Thanks ladies!!
You will feel better soon but it is no fun waiting for the pain from surgery to deminish. It is a painful recovery. Take it easy.
I was mailed my card for airport security directly from the manufacturer (Boston Scientific). You can call your rep and ask about it. I do wear a medical bracelet and it is engraved with the words "this person has an implanted medical device"
That is the wording that was suggested to me by my doctor.

Take care,
Dear All!!!,

I am desparate! My husband is in severe pain and on ALOT of drugs and after 20 years of back surgery (7 operations) he is in a really bad way and has been told that nothing can be done for him apart from pain management and maybe a spinal cord stimulator... PLEASE PLEASE could my husband talk to someone on the phone who has had one of these fitted and if anyone has any advice on where to go to have this procedure done or any information at all I would be more than grateful!!! He has left me and our 3 children because he cant cope with life, I am begging someone to please help... Kind regards Rachel
Dear Tunnarr,
I am so sorry to hear about your husbands pain. I would be willing to talk to him about my experience with the SCS. However, I believe we can't use our phone numbers on this site. Have your husband call Medtronics ANS or Boston Scientific. Go to their websites and find the contact info. They manufacture the SCS and they have patients that are willing to discuss the SCS. Going to a PM doctor is a great idea! My PM doctor did my SCS surgeries. They can send you a DVD to watch with your husband. A PM doctor will be able to find the right medications and/or procedures to ease your husbands suffering. I am on medication, steroid injections and I have two SCS's. I work full time and I have a good quality of life. I am not pain free but I am able to manage my pain. No one would ever guess I suffer from chronic pain. There is hope!! Pain is a big stress on a marriage. I often feel guilty about needing to rest after work. I feel like my husband is missing out because I am not "normal" and I can't always go places or do the things we did before I started suffering.
Hang in there!!
I would definitely talk to my Dr about it and with company's representative. As far as I know Medtronic is the one who provides most stims for implants.
Talk to both of the. I will explain why.
I was suppose to have stim implant also. I also have pace maker for my heart (AF). I asked my Spinal Dr and my Cardiologist if I can have stim with pace maker together... to my shame both of them said: no problem, go ahead with it.

When I called to Medtronic and talked to their representative, he got scared and said to me: are you kidding lady? Give me their phone # I will contact them and tell them what they suppose to know in first place. Absolutely NOT.
After a week I recieved a letter from their DR who warren me NOT to go for stim if I have a pace maker, it can kill me!

I learned in my life to confirm things with many professionals and it doesn't matter how good my Doctors are or how much I trust them. This is your life and your responsible for it.

Best of luck to a lucky girl whose husband is a messuse! It's still OK to massage your legs and feet... or head and arms! You still in a good situation!;)
i have the ANS model it was done at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.
you can check them both out on line of course.
good luck

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