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Hi neckpatient,
did u recently have an epidural? are u finding good pain relief from it. I have burning leg pain and wondered if you could send me on the resource.
thanks in advance
[QUOTE=neckpatient;4010869]Hi - I just sent you the resource you need to understand where the nerve runs it will explain everything. It is really too bad there are restrictions on sharing that stuff.

If you are allowed to take ibuprofen that works really well for this inflammation in addition to the icing, the stretches, and massage that I pointed you too. I don't think I said it in my note, they told me to ice where it hurts and I also iced the beginning because mine has a herniation in the spine at the nerve root. It is most likely for you that the pregnancy is causing irriation from the pressure downstream in your pelvis. If you want to ice up top as well, look at the picture - basically in the very lowest small of your back. You can't go wrong ICE where it hurts!

I have used Biofreeze myself on my heels , but it wasn't cold enough to get to this nerve so deep in my leg - biofreeze is more for surface stuff for me.

I feel bad for you - I know how bad this hurts - it is disabling. I take major pain medications for my rotten spine and this still was putting me on the couch. Some people live with this their whole lives. If you have had it 2 years - then it is probable you might have it long term. When you can you should get it checked. Day 3 after my epidural injections - mine is finally down to a simmer, instead of loud, angry roar.

Feel better![/QUOTE]

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