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Re: "Sore ribs"
Jun 27, 2009
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Purple"]I too have the problem of extremely painful ribs. I had it for MANY YEARS (beginning in my early 20's), & it seemed to worsen with weight loss or gain, pregnancies (shift in ctr of gravity) AND standing for long periods OR sitting rigidly upright! I discovered what MY problem was during a course of diagnostic MRI's re: my spinal disorder. MANY bulging and herniated disks were identified in my Cervical & Lumbar Spine. What surprised my Physiatrist were the 2 herniated disks in my Thoracic Spine (T-11 & 12)!!! T-12 actually connects the ribcage TO L-1. [SIZE="3"][B]Because the T-Spine is "braced" by the rib-cage, it is a somewhat unusual area for herniations/ruptures. However, problems there WILL CAUSE RIB PAIN, or mid-back pain that radiates around INTO THE RIBS!!! [/B][/SIZE] That is what MY problem was. I STILL deal with it occasionally, but it's much improved now that I 1) am not continually reinjuring it; 2) am on maintenance pain meds! Hope that helps.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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