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This problem has a bit of history to it. It started in feb 08 just out of the blue. Initially it was a mild pinch pain arounf the left shoulder blade that extened around to the fron of the chest. The pain was enhanced when I yawned or sneezed. I saw the doc who thought it might be plurecy so a bi lat chest xray was done, it came back normal. She diag it as a musc/skeletal thing. The pain never really went away and was always mild, just a discomfort. After a month the chest part of it dissappeared and it remained local around the shoulder blade area.

A couple months later I went to the chiro. It seemed to help a bit but not much. He did an xray of my back an noted some vertebrea issues and mild scoliosis.

In july, I went back to the doc as it was still bothering me. By the point I noticed that the pain would get worse if I was in a smokey place. I mentioned that to the doc and he said it could be because smoke is a stimulant. He did another chest xray, an echo, and ekg, all were normal.

Fast foward to current. In the last couple months I have noticed the pain will sometimes go away, especially in the morning, its not there but by the time I am ready for work, it is there. 600mg of ibprofen sometimes helps. The pain is still localized under the left shoulder blade/middle back, but now sometimes radiates into the left arm, fingers as an ache. Various movements don't seem to have much affect on the pain, except if I am sitting and drop my chin to my chest and raise my shoulders/arch back at same time, the pain will become a bit more enhanced

I explainedd of this to my new doc who had an mri done on my cervical and a bi lat chest xray. Xray was normal. The mri results were a "minimal" disc protrusion between t1 and t2 thorasic. My doc days this can cause the pain I am having. He rec. Physical therepy. I went to one session, but the next day felt a little worse. I am considering a spine speciist before I continue the PT.
This has just been a on going thing, and through my research I have read all these scary stories about shoulder/back pain and lung cancer. However my doc said with all the xrays and mri over the last year and a half, the only thing showing is the disc issue. Anyone else ever have similar issues? Opinions, input? Btw I am male and 28 years old.

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