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I experienced the same thing. In June I started having a squeezing sensation in my shoulder blade (right side) that I could feel all the way through to the front part of my shoulder above my collar bone. It would come and go, gradually increasing in intensity then easing off. I ignored this as just a pulled muscle and was taking arthritis medication to ease the pain. A couple of weeks ago I started having heart palpitations that were so intense they would wake me up out of sleep. They were frightening and would take my breath away. Started waking up in middle of night with the feeling that I had stopped breathing and felt like my natural instinct to breathe was gone and I had to give myself instructions to breathe in and out. My fiance finally insisted that we go to the ER when I started having chest pains with the palpitations. I really expected them to send me home with some medicine to control the PVCs and tell me everything was normal. They admitted me to the hospital for a whole week due to a pulmonary embolism in the right upper lobe of my lung (in the exact spot I had been having those squeezing pains since June). I am out of the hospital now and am on Coumadin. I have to visit the doctor every week to check my levels and they suspect I will be on this for at least 6 months. My fear now is that if there are clots in my lungs, is it a possibility there could be clots elsewhere, such as my brain? I have been having extreme sudden headaches and a sharp shooting pain in one side of my head for a couple of weeks now. Anyone know if this is a side effect of the pulmonary embolism or if there could be more clots the doctors did not bother to look for?

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