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Boy, can I sure sympathize with you on the spasms! I never had back problems until my early-to-mid 30's and that's when I began having what I now know are spasms. For me, it only got worse over time until I had severe spasms 24-7, every single day. Not only that, but my spasms had spread all over my body, it was totally insane, plus I also got a lot of cramping. The cramps would come & go, but the spasms never went away....until after my surgery; however, I still have spinal arthritis and who knows what else, so I am getting spasms on and off again. Right now, actually, I'm having awful ones in my neck again, which seems to be getting worse over time. It all started in my lower spine, but I've had several bouts of neck pain and spasms as well. It has gotten so bad for me that my throat and face were even in spasms. I have had my cheek & jaw areas spasm so that it appeared I had pulled my cheeks down, it was horrid. I had tried painkillers, which did not help the spasms (or even my pain, for that matter); I tried cold packs which made it worse; I tried MOIST heating pads, which do help me quite a bit when it's really hot - but once I take it away, the spasms are right there again. I've also tried the stick-on heat patches, absorbine jr. patches, lidoderm patches, flexeril patches, and the list goes on. I probably tried (and wasted my money on) every single over the counter possible remedy there was and nothing worked. I also tried 2 muscle relaxers: flexeril and skelaxin and they did nothing either. My spine was in real bad shape, though, I got to the point where I could hardly walk anymore..and finally had lumbar surgery. That did relieve a lot of my pain & spasms, well, I should say it relieved my stenosis pain. I still have spinal arthritis, facet arthritis, milder scoliosis, and constant disk that causes me a lot of pain on and off, though I am always very stiff.

Now my neck is getting worse & worse...sounds a bit like yours...When that happens to you, do you feel like your head is too heavy for your body? Or do you feel like you have to pull your head upwards? That is how I feel. Many times the spasms go up my neck, then I get terrible headaches that go up the back of my head, around the sides and into the backs of my eyes. I've had, in the past, such awful neck pain & spasms, it went into my shoulders...and my left shoulder was in constant spasms for several weeks. It was so bad, that it appeared to be out of place and pushed forward. I even had people pull my arm back, I tried wrapping straps around my arm and using my right hand to pull my left arm/shoulder back, LOL, but that didn't h elp either. Usually my neck problems would just come & go. Now it's come back but not going away, ugh. So I so feel for you!

You might want to try any of the things I mentioned earlier...Ohhh, I forgot, I now take a combo of meds to help my pain & spasms a lot. I still have some pain & spasms, but it's not as excruciating as before I took these meds. I also finally found a muscle relaxer that works pretty good for me, most of the time..called Soma (generic - carisoprodol).

I also want to ask you...did you ever have x-rays or an MRI done? If so, did you get a copy of the report..and what did it say? Did you have any other kind of testing done to find out why your in such pain? If not, then you really need to get MRI would probably better, if possible, only because x-rays cannot see all the soft tissues. Have you only seen chiropractors for it? If so, you really should see maybe a GP first, who might be able to refer you to a specialist. Your spasms could be from many could be simple such as a posture problem or over doing things..or you might have neck arthritis, or something else. If one doctor cannot find anything wrong, then you really need to see a different doctor. You need to find a doc that is willing to investigate and help you. It is your body and you are living with the pain, so you have to take charge and find out what is going on.

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