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My pain started across the front of my big toe! It is what sent me to the regular doctor. She checked my foot-the only thing bothering me, rolled me to my side and pushed in by where the sciatic nerve comes around the hip to down the front of the leg. Pain exploded in my head! She sent me straight to a Spine Specialist who tried conservative therapy(anti-inflammatories and physical therapy) for 5-6 months-including the MRI. When none worked we did the discogram and scheduled surgery within a few weeks after. I still thought taking care of my 12-16 year old kids so they would have a good summer was more important than my surgery. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
If you need it-get it! My kids may have given up part of a summer, but they would have had me back full time much faster if I hadn't have put it off.
Surgery was 3 years ago (can you believe how time flies, Emily??)
My life is about 85% of what it was pre0surgery. I take meds for pain on a pretty regular basis because of scar tissue-but NOTHING like before.
I would do it again in a New York Minute!
:angel: Michelle

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