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[QUOTE=Trymester;4044511]Hello JoMurray,

I just had the Spine MRI done recently (a week or 2 ago). The Chiro. gave me these exercises about 4 years ago and they turned out to be really good. I haven't met the spine specialist yet to see what he says of my MRI results. I'm currently not on any meds. My main complaint is right-sided rib area pain. I believe it's called my latissimus dorsi muscle. I also have mild scoliosis at 4 degrees. What is the curvature number for yours?

Thanks for reading.[/QUOTE]

Hi, Trymester... though I don't know all those medical terms you use to describe your condition :D I do recognize the pain you are describing. I have the same problem and was told, in simple terms, the pain actually originates in my spine, causing spasms in the muscle that you are talking about and a huge hard knot forms at about the middle of my rib cage. It is extremely painful and must be worked out through manipulation. Luckily my daughter is usually able to do a hard massage in the area for me until it is reduced and the pain lets up. If i am alone when it happens I have to twist and turn my body in all sorts of weird contortions to try and relieve the spasm.
I get these spasms on a regular basis across the middle of my back. I don't always recognize that that's what is causing them because they don't always feel like spasms, sometimes it is just hard, deep pain but sure enough my daughter will feel of my back and she will find a huge lump where the pain is or very close to it.
I don't know if this is what you are experiencing or not but the area of pain sounded similar to me. I have severe degeneration of the spine with bone spurs, bulging discs, desicated discs and the good old basic stenosis to a moderate degree.
Does this sound anything like your pain?

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