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so this actual chiro did adjustments on you without even bothering to even do a basic x ray of your actual spine at least? if he did not at least do that much for you, it would be very risky to actually just start adjusting and moving things around within that spinal area without actually knowing what it is or was that is BEING adjusted. there can just be sooo many possible problems that a person can have going on both within that spinal area structurally and within the very delicate spinal cord area as well. simply not even looking at the area with even an x ray really is petty stupid on his part. for now and until you can get an idea of just what is going on in there, stay the heck away from ANY chiro for now. they can create problems where there were none before and also make things that are there already much much worse when they simply cannot see what the heck is going on in there at all. or even know what the underlying generators are.

so you already had 'just' the back pain when you started and THEN you started having the upper spinal problems after adjustments were made? the best possible thing for you right now would be to simply obtain a contrasted MRI. this would at the very least, show what is going on inside that spinal column down to the important cord level. there are just alot of different types of possible spinal issues where actual adjustments can make things worse that personally i would never have a chiro adjustment done for what my problems are/were. espescially the c spine area. with no way to really know just what is actually going on down to that cord level espescially the much more highly innervated c spine area, it is kind of a crapshoot to have something done up there that is kind of just a "blind' adjustment type of thing?

anyone who is contemplating even seeing a chiro just has to really obtain an MRI first and be cleared to even have adjusting done at all. i had a glob of blood vessels form inside my actual cord(there from birth) that i did not even know was there til it showed up on a routine MRI i had done to figure out what disc i had herniated. i was told by my neurosurgeon that if i had had gone the chiro route(i had contemplated it) i could have suffered a major type of bleed inside my spinal cord. adjustments would have been really a bad thing for what MY particular issues were. without any look inside that area, you just really do not know if what is actually causing your symptoms is one of those things that could be made much worse with ANY types of adjustments. this is just one of those better safe than sorry types of situations when we are talking the spinal area at all. while chiros DO serve a good purpose for some things, other issues can just pop in that you never had before an adjustment was made, and like i mentioned, alot depends upon just what the problems are too. you just have to be certain they are safe, thats all.

i would just see your primary about that MRI referral and make darn certain to also let him know that you had NEW symptoms pop in AFTER adjustments were made too. that could have easily been created by just doing adjustments, espescially when he did not have a clue as to what is there at all. whatever does or does not actually show up on that MRI being done would kind of dictate just what your next steps should be. hopefully things are not as bad as you think. but you just really do, espescially with that new symptom up top now, need to get that done as soon as possible. i do wish you luck with this. please let me know what you find out. Marcia

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