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Kaycee I just wanted to let you know that I can relate to cervical problems because I have had 2 neck surgeries and 1 lumbar surgery. Also, you may get some additional information from the Spinal Cord Disorder board because that seems to be more for the Cervical Spine although there are a few of us here that have both problems.

I will tell you that I did put off my first neck surgery because of an inconsiderate boss. By the time I decided to seek medical advice my family physician said he couldn't see any of my disc in my neck. As advised by several board members the doctors usually want to have you do some conservative treatments with physical therapy and predisone treatments and and maybe even some injections. I did all these and the physical therapist even told me I was wasting my money because he said with stenosis they couldn't help me. I had a job which required me to be on the phone and computer constantly and of course I did the bad thing of cradling the phone to my shoulder. I put my surgery off for about 3 years and I did have permanent nerve damage. That was my C5/6 & C6/7 and then 3 years later I had the C4/5 done. I have started to have more pain again in my neck and my upper back area with the burning and shooting pains.

I agree with everyone else take all options before having surgery but I know it is difficult for you at this time with No insurance. So many people in this situation and it is sad. Maybe having physical therapy will help and just go one time and explain your financial situation and they SHOULD understand and give you some help on exercises you can do at home.

I want to wish you luck with your neck and your new job.


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