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It looks like a lot of people have similar problems like this but I'm nervous anyway. I have been having pain in my lower back on the far left side (almost the hip, tailbone area) that sometimes causes pain in my butt all the way down my leg. The pain is FAR worse in the morning but by the end of the day it's usually either gone or nearly unnoticable. I sleep on my side. Some days I wake up with extreme pain, some days no pain at all but always once I start moving it feels better. Once I get moving I can run, jump, ride my horse, kneel sit etc without problems although it will sometimes remain sore. I am also having what I can only discribe as muscle spasms in my pelvic area on the same side. Not every day but more often on days where the pain in my back is more severe. This has been going on for a few months but we thought it was the bed. We got a new one but still have the same problem. I am 41 and slightly over weight. (15-20 lbs over) I am on my feet ALL day, I work at a theme park so am extremely active, bending kneeling stretching walking, walking , walking. I have a doctors appointment next week but in the mean time I need a little reasurance.
Thanks for listening.
Having pain and stiffness especially in the morning can be an indication of an inflammatory or autoimmune condition such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Do you have any swollen joints or have you had any strange rashes in the last few years?

Be sure to let your doctor know specifically what your symptoms are, where they are, and when they are worse/better. This will hopefully help your doctor get pointed in the right direction to order the correct tests and refer you to the correct specialists if necessary. Sometimes lower back/hip pain can be very difficult to correctly diagnose, so be sure to be very specific with your doctor. Keeping a daily pain diary between now and your doctor's appointment would also help out your doctor.

Warm wishes and be sure to let us know what your doctor says!

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