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i do agree, get that c spine area looked at much more deeply with the MRI. using a contrasting agent too would also help to better highlight certain areas that do not always simply show up real well without it. it just enhances the overall MRI scan. i just have a very strong feeling here based upon your symptoms that there just "is" something further up that is more involved here too. let me know what you find out.

also make certain to ALWAYS obtain your very OWN copies of any and all testing results that are ever done on you. trust me when i say that not all docs, espescially specialists will even TELL you all of what are actual hard findings found inside your own body. this just happens way too often. getting your own copies just assures that you are being told everything found in any test, not just what some docs who may not even realize a particular finding just IS an important one only becasue they lack a real sense of what it is or means becasue they have never seen it or it is not something they see alot of in 'their' practice decides to tell you. it just does matter how much real true overall experience and knowledge any doc actually has that will determine their overall 'impression" of any finding or condition. just get copies. they do come in very handy at certain times. Marcia

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