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Hey guys!
I have had a bad hip for a few years now and cant find anyone of anything that works!
The pain is not always there, mainly when i run and jump. Also sleeping on the wrong side makes it ache. When its cold it aches also. But when i jump or run its a stinging pain in the hip and sometimes sends a shooting pain down down my right leg! Other movements (sometimes very small) can also set it off. Sometimes just sitting in the wrong way can sting when i stand up. I cant run jump or play sports. Sometimes its just a dull pain around the back of my hip.
Not sure when it started or how i did it. maybe skiing.
Im only 23. I have been too the Doctor twice, got xrays (showed nothing) Then she told me there is nothing she could really do so i went to the Osteopath twice a week for a few months. Also been to chiropractor twice a week for a few months. Nothing but a waste of money!
I was thinking it might be a pinched nerve or something?
I really have no idea so any help on what to do or who too see would be a great help!!


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