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I hope you can help me. I am having a very hard time understanding my MRI/without contrast results of my Cervical Spine.
I was injured at work doing extreme heavy lifting. I am a 50+ female and spent 48 hours doing very heavy lifting working on a project. I recall a sudden burning pain in my neck with "electric fence" sensations in my hands/arms during one episode of heavy lifting. I have had constant neck pain, numb hands, numb face, neck spasms, and severe shoulder pain since then..I have NEVER had any of these problems previously
MRI results C5-6 Mild to moderate disc bulge and osteophyte formation results in flattening of the thecal sac and mild spinal canal stenosis. No significant neural foraminal narrowing is evident.
C6-7 Minimal posterior disc/osteophyte complex results in flattening of the thecal sac, but no neural foraminal narrowing or spinal canal stenosis
Hemangioma visualized in the T4 vertebral body.
Findings: Mild Straightening of the cervical spine is evident. Vertebral body height and signal characteristics are normal.
Impression: mild to moderate degenerative change at C5-6 with mild spinal canal stenosis and mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. No focal disc herniation...

I really don't understand this, and I am being referred back to the ortho to discuss this further, he is then referring me to a "shoulder doc" mention of rotator cuff injuries on both shoulders, and a neuro doc for the numbness..I am unable to lift my arms without very bad neck spasms, shoulder pain..Have weakness in my hands, and I really want to figure out what to do to get back to normal. Does my cervical MRI explain my pain? I was not having these issues at all before injury..
Thank you so much for your help...

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