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So i have this annoying pain that happens when I walk for a long distance. I am not sure what it is but I am putting it under back pain in case it is a pinched nerve stemming from there, I dont know.

In any case, if i walk for a long time (over an hour lets say) i begin to feel a somewhat sharp pain along the outside of my thigh - but on the inside. It stems from near my hip and pelvis area (a bit below it) and goes to somewhere above the knee area. It hurts when I walk at that point and just gets worse until I rest it at least overnight, sometimes more like 24-48 hours depending how much more walking i do once it begins. interestingly, i have played tennis for 2.5 hrs and get no pain, it seems it is only when i walk. ive thought that it is possible that it happens if i am somehow misaligned - perhaps carrying a purse does this? I am in my mid 20s in good health and i am thin. Any advice on what this might be? to me it feels like it would be nerve pain but i dont really know. I say that because it is definitely not like a pulled muscle or something. Thanks!

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