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Hi mosc! I had an L4-L5 laminectomy/microdiscectomy five months ago. My neurosurgeon picked out pieces of disc material.:eek:

My procedure was supposed to be outpatient but I was admitted over night for pain management. Which was strange because when I woke up in recovery I was ready to jump up and get moving.

The evening of my hospital stay I was doing laps up and down the hall with my IV pole. Just about every hour I'd role myself out of the hospital bed and practically run the halls.:round:

I had less pain and felt better when I got up and moved. But that's always been the case ever since the back problem developed. While in bed I felt stiff, stuck, and just uncomfortable. I also have problems with my sacroiliac joints and that likely contributes to my discomfort.

My hospital discharge orders explained that I was to walk at least 30 minutes daily, two times a day. I think.

For the first couple of weeks I had that same pain near my incision site. The muscle relaxer that was prescribed helped with that.

Starting the day after my surgery I was instructed to walk daily. You might want to check your discharge orders or call the doc's office for clarification on walking. I was already walking at least a block a few days after my surgery. I really tried to walk as much as possible and felt guilty when I didn't. I was so worried about developing epidural fibrosis (scar tissue) around the nerve. My doc never clearly explained that possibility. I think I discovered it while reading about other people's recoveries prior to my surgery.

I've never ever been able to comfortably lay or sleep on my back so I can't help you with that!:p It probably has something to do with my joint problem. Prior to surgery I used to sleep on my stomach! Which I guess is really discouraged as far as a healthy and aligned spine goes. Now I just flip flop from side to side. Putting a pillow between your knees while you lay down (on your side) will help keep your hip aligned. And it's just more comfortable, for me at least.

I was like the Energizer bunny during the month after my surgery. A little over a month after the surgery it was like my batteries died! The burning pain in my leg returned and I developed the same pain in my other leg.:mad: The pain has lessened but it's there every durn day.:( But it's usually just in various places below my knee. Prior to surgery I had the burning pain from the hip on down. Funny thing though, prior to the surgery I was able to position myself in a particular way (laying on side, left leg elevated on two thick pillows) which totally relieved my pain. Now there's no way of escaping pain, as far as positioning goes.

The MRI I had a little over a month post surgery indicated "residual herniation" at the level of my surgery. And a bunch of other disappointing things. I had ordered my surgical med record a few weeks after my surgery just to get an idea of what when on. My neuro doc never explained all the nitty gritty details which I like to know. And it seems to me he just picked out the pieces of disc material that had squeezed out.

Everyone's recovery is different. It's been five months and I'm still recovering and back in PT. At this point I realize it's a chronic condition and I'm going to try to figure out how to deal with it. Right now it feels like there's a firey snake slithering around my calf and ankle:blob_fire My calf is on fire so I'm off to take my Neurontin.

I hope you have a good recovery. Slow and steady if that's what it takes.;)

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