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I have been in pain all day since going to the gym earlier this morning.

Yesterday I worked my lower and upper back pretty good at the gym doing vertical lifting type exercises (dead lifts, rows).

This morning my upper back felt a little sore but not too bad. So I went back to the gym to do some shoulder work. I was doing shoulder presses with heavy weights. After 5 sets I felt a pop in my back at about armpit height directly in the center like at the spine. Instantly I felt pain throughout my neck and upper back area. I tried to continue but the pain was too much. So I stretched really good and tried to work through the pain. I went back to the press and felt another pop like the first. Then I decided to give up and rest the area. Now I can't tilt my neck much without pain. I tried to nap and when I got up an hour later the pain was a lot worse. So I took a muscle relaxer and a vicodin and it doesn't appear to be going away.

Any ideas? thanks

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