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just let us know what you find out BL. if possible for you, also try and obtain your very own copy of that MRI report. once you do that you can simply type out that summary that is right at the very end of the rad report here. we can help you to better understand the overall findings listed there in that summary. that is just where the radiologist will place all pertinent findings in ANY real rad report. you can obtain your own copy either thru your own referring doc, or usually much quicker(unless you are actually in the docs office gettingthe results and ask him), obtain one from the actual facility where you had the MRI done. and then continue to always request your very own copies from here on out of ANY and all types of real testing results done. even your labs do come in handy at times too, trust me on that one. you just DO have a right to all of that info anytime you want it. its just a good thing to start doing if you are not already doing this. keeping our own copies of all our test results just goes into a file we keep on ourselves at home. this stuff just really can help at times to have in our own possession. good luck withthe results BL, marcia

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