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if you were actually 'told' about this possible finding by a good PT way back in 01? i do think it is high time to just get this evaluated fully now,even tho it may not be hurting you right now, like you stated, it could become a much bigger issue later on or even next month. there just really is no way to really tell when ANY type of real spinal problem or malformation could just really truely present itself in alot of different ways. soo you just get the eval done along with hopefully a referral for a good contrasted MRI of actually your whole spine would be better since you do just have what could be some level of a congenital issue in that lumbar? the actual twisting could have either come from a long ago injury type thing or it could have been there since you were born too. there are alot of people, myself included who were simply born with some pretty crazy things just wrong either anatomically or actual things IN a spinal cord too that you just do not know about since it has never been looked into as in depth before. this really just needs a good neuro eval and at least an MRI at this point. you just really cannot properly treat what you do not know yet what you even have, ya know?

and i would stay the heck away from ANY chiro here til you at least find out what you have there and it is at least cleared by someone who understands what it is you have going on. chiros do have their place, but in some cases they can cause some pretty horrendous and devistating types of damage too. it takes actually KNOWING down to that very important cord level first before even considering the chiro. don't know if you were thinking of this or not, but thought you should at least know the very real possible risks of not knowing and getting any adjustments made from them.

but DO see your doc for the eval and hopefully the referral for an actual 'contrasted' MRI. it just shows alot more than plain MRI can in alot of cases and certain findings that just can be there that do not always show real well without contrasted enhancement. good luck with this, and make certain to always obtain any and all copies of any MRIs done or other types of testing so YOU have the copies for your medical files. they can really come in VERY handy at times. you can also just post the summary at the very end of the rad report here on this board where we can help you better interpret the findings as stated by the interpretting radiologist too. marcia

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