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[QUOTE=pecantan;4183659]unfortunately - I've been experencing the same pain. I have not yet returned to work, but I noticed when I sit for long periods of time and standing too long or even walking around I am in pain.
My family feels I'm rushing to get back to work. I've been out since the date of my surgery 12/28/09 I'm not sure what the time frame is - I'm sure different for each person. I don't know why I'm still feelin this kind of pain. I'm schedule to see my surgeon tomorrow. My Doctor ordered some X-rays see what happens.
Are you on Neurontin? My doctor gave it to me but don't really work. How long were you out from work?[/QUOTE]

For minimally invasive Microdisectomy, a recovery period of a couple weeks should me more than sufficient to return to a desk job. For physical activity, my neurosurgeon told me recovery would be 6 weeks. Obviously, I've had complications and am in lots of pain. I have taken Hydracodone (also known as Norco, and Vicodan) off and on (mostly off because I hate the side effects and "withdrawl" effects). I've been using 800mg of Ibuprophin and an occasional Soma (which is a muscle relaxer).

Did you lift anything after the surgery? Pain from activity can be delayed up to 48 hours so keep that in mind. I would suggest that you do not stand for prolonged periods, and limit your walking, bending and all physical activity. I know it sucks to restrain from doing things, but in my case I can see a direct correlation in the pain I experience and the level of activity I do. That said, the pain hardly ever (if ever...hard to remember) goes away completely, but it is very tolerable when I'm taking it easy. If I am taking it easy, I can sit without pain, sleep without pain, and walk with only a little. If I don't take it easy, I can have pain in most any position.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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