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Jan 31, 2010
I'm 64 years old ....a runner in excellent shape until two weeks ago. After doing a bit of light remodelling, my lower back seemed a bit sore...nothing serious....but it got worse all day long I finally tried to get up off a chair and fell in the floor when there was this horrible stabbing pain in my hip, lower back and right thigh. It was so severe the parademics had to lift me off the floor onto a stretcher. I spent six days in the hospital ....wrongly diagnosed with a kidney stone...then finally after x rays, 2 MRIs, and a CAT scan they said I had arthritis in my lower spine and two disks that were "problematic". THe problem was that the pain I was describing did NOT usually match up with those disks. I was on hign doses of narcotics and it was so bad that when I went down for my second MRI I could not lie down without screaming....I have a very high toleance for pain as I am a former I don't think this was just a "wimp" factor. they gave me a epidural and sent me home with oxycontin. Now the pain was tolererable....but over the next week, as I would walk or stand it would get worse or worse....just sitting, I'm mostly fine....but standing even to pee is excrutiatingly painful.....walking is torture...even with crutches.....sitting releives the pain within a few minutes. I guess I'm going back to the pain clinic this week.....dont know what else to do....could it be a blood clot? being a runner my cholesterol and all blood chemistry is better than mot 25 year olds....also I have always had headaches so I take more asprin than most people, so I don't see how a blood clot would be possible....I am a recently diagnosed diabletic...but nothing really super morning glucose eadings wefe like 160....which I know is high....but I cant beleive that it woudl be causing nerve pain of this magnitude.....I am wondering also if it could be a muscle problem as I have absolutely no muscle strength at all in that leg. I mean it simply buckles when I put any stress on it.....I lost ten pounds while in teh Hopsital and I was alredy slim. thank you in aadvance as the pain is really unbearable when I stand or walk. the pain is centered in my right thigh but emanates from my lower back and hip on the outside.

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