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It's also possible that your pain may be coming from the sacroiliac (SI) joint. When you say you have pelvic pain that makes me suspect that the SI joint could be involved somehow either in addition to your spine or instead of your spine.

I recently had to have a fusion of the SI joint after having my problem be misdiagnosed as a spinal issue and having 3 unsuccessful back surgeries including a fusion for a large annual tear that showed up after my first back surgery.

One of the biggest symptoms of it being an SI joint problem is difficulty sitting or pain in your SI joint area, especially after exercising or riding an exercise bike or similar exercises.

Most SI joint problems don't show up on MRI's, x-rays or other medical tests unfortunately.

There are also very few doctors who are knowledgeable in how to diagnose and treat SI joint problems. Most spine surgeons can't even identify it properly, and many doctors don't know much about it even if they tell you they do. If you suspect an SI joint problem, do lots of research to find the right medical professionals to help you.

You're welcome to private message me if you'd like to discuss this more.

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