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Feb 12, 2010
exactly what are your ongoing symptoms? since MRIs and CTs use very different methods of obtaining pics of our bodies, anything IS possible here. do YOU actually have you own copy of your MRI report in your possession? if you do not yet have your own copy of that DO obtain one, and of the upcoming CT as well and any other test result reports from here on out too? for some really sick reasons, we are NOT always even actually told about what can be some very crucial and solid findings that can pop up on any type of scan report. its how 'pertinent' the actual doc feels it is that kind of really determines at times what we the patients even will GET told? its twice as bad with ANY level of actual specialist, trust me. i have always obtained my very own copies of any and all testing ever done on me since i had some really critical info witheld from me years ago by my NSs actual NP? wonderful. this was a real honest to god Dx of why my c spine and my arm and neck locked up and went numb on me? she said everything was fine? that was alot of BS. when I and my primary saw that same report, we were both absolutely furious with this sick woman. but the specialists do play this stupid game too. it just happens way too often to not obtain your own copies of your own reports. this way at least you can read thru the summaries and research certain things to even find out of something potentially crucial was not seen that way by THAT particular 'specialist" not all are created equal, no way no how.

just ALWAYS obtain ANY and all testing result reports no matter what they are about so YOU just also have your own medical files you can keep in your possession? just buy a good folder type thing and keep this stuff in it all in one place? you just never really know how badly this may be needed at some point down the road,trust me on that one. sorry for the extra info, but honestly whenever i see someone post about an MRI not seeing something or not picking up something, it gets me,only because that is NOT always the case unfortuently. was a contrast agent(the dye) used for your MRI at all? if not, it would not truely even show all that can be somewhat hidden from view without it? it just really does help with really being able to fully see certain types of findings with MRI, espescially the vascular structures.

just exactly what area of your body is being scanned and for what reasons/symptoms you are having? FB

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